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Executive Board


Frank LaPorta

Chairperson of the Board / Treasurer

I was inspired to join Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver after having witnessed the value of the Program in helping to keep some of the most vulnerable members of our community safe. I retired in 2013 after 35 years of law enforcement service in the City of Virginia Beach. As a police commander I was also the City of Virginia Beach Police Department Project Manager for Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver. As the project manager and previously as a commander of detectives, I had an up-close and personal view of how law enforcement officers and volunteers were delivering service excellence with passion to very vulnerable persons in our community. Upon my retirement I was honored to have been invited by the Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver Board to become a civilian member.


My passion has always been public service.  Helping to keep our community safe and protecting those vulnerable to harm has been the focal point of most of my life. It is rewarding and feeds my passion to be able to remain as a service to others in the community and be a part of something bigger than yourself.   Semper Cop!

Corey Sullivan

Vice Chairperson


I was inspired to join Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver because I’ve always believed in contributing to the community in some way, and I have been interested in Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver since I first learned about the program in the early 2000’s.  This is truly a life saving program that provides a direct and noticeable impact to families and individuals in our community. So, when my career allowed for some flexibility to contribute to the program I jumped at the chance to become a board member.


My passion in life is the real fun of sharing it with family and friends. To me, it’s the relationships that you build and the experiences that you share in life that make it worth living!


Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver Board Members

Rachel Willey


I was inspired to join Virginia Beach Project Lifesaver because I was inspired to join the board because I believe in the board’s vision.  Family is very important to me and nothing means more that knowing your family is safe.  I have two relatives who have Alzheimer’s and I understand how that can change a family. 


My passion is to help people and that is why I chose a career in education.  I have always wanted to help people to empower themselves and to be the best version of themselves.  I feel that project lifesaver can assist families with peace of mind and that is priceless.

VBPL Liasons

Jason Karangelen - Master Police Officer - Project Lifesaver Coordinator - Police Department - City of Virginia Beach 

Rebecca Tuttle - Sergeant - Community Engagement Unit  - Police Department - City of Virginia Beach 
Kenneth A. Spivey - Captain - Command Duty Officer - Police Department - City of Virginia Beach 

Cookie Ketcham - Project Manager  - Community Emergency Response Team - City of Virginia Beach 

Jennifer Chavez - Development Manager - Alzheimer's Association, Southeastern Virginia

Nichole Miller - Resource Coordinator - Autism Society, Tidewater Virginia 

VB Project Lifesaver Board Members

Frank LaPorta - VBPL Chairperson / Treasurer

Corey Sullivan - VBPL Vice Chairperson

Rachel Willey - VBPL Secretary

Lindy Casale-Rinaldi - Board Member

Carol Jean Ogrodnick - Board Member

Cookie Kethchum - Board Member

Joan Motley - Board Member

Jack Dye - Ameritus Board Member

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