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What We Do...

Project Lifesaver is a national proactive, electronic tracking, program used to assist in locating people.  The clients in this program may have:   Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, children with Down's Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder or any disorder that makes them wander.  These individuals typically wander from home and become lost.

A lost child with Autism or Downs Syndrome or an adult wandering from dementia constitutes a critical emergency and presents challenges to police in search and rescue operations. While we cannot predict when a person will become lost, we can prepare.

The Virginia Beach Police Department in partnership with Project Lifesaver has launched a planned response to all missing persons at-risk and others with special needs that wander off.  Teams of trained personnel and special tracking equipment help locate missing persons who are enrolled in Project Lifesaver.  The Virginia Beach Police Department was the first major city police department in the country to take on this effort.


How does it work?
A small radio transmitter is attached to the client's ankle or wrist.  The transmitter broadcasts in a specific frequency 24/7. If the client becomes lost the care giver calls 911, just as they normally would, and lets them know that the person is a Project Lifesaver client.  Specially trained officers and volunteers with radio receivers designed to pick up the specific frequency band for that person are then dispatched.  This can cut the average search time for  individual from 8 hours down to approximately 32 minutes.

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